The Rookie Card Logo


In 2006 MLB announced that a player could not appear in a major league base set until they had appeared on an MLB 25 man roster, and the first cards of these players would be given an official MLB Rookie Card logo. The problem with this was rookie card logos were given to players who had already had rookie cards in a previous season (remember, a player can only have rookie cards in one season). So these cards with rookie card logos are not actually rookie cards. Also, in the years since 2006, many players have had their first card issued without a rookie card logo. But because these are the players first cards in a major league base set, they are actually rookie cards. Another recent issue with the rookie card logo is that it can appear on several cards of a player in the same set (ie. base card, rookie debut, all-star), but only the base card is the player’s actual rookie card. So as you can see, the existence or lack of rookie card logo tells us nothing about whether the card is actually a rookie card.

The Guide Featured On Sports Collectors Daily

Thanks to Bob D'Angelo and the folks at Sport Collectors Daily for feature on The Huskins Baseball Rookie Card Guide. To read the full article click here.

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